1 /trVst/ noun
1 BELIEF (U) a strong belief in the honesty, goodness etc of someone or something: an agreement made on the basis of mutual trust | put your trust in: You shouldn't put your trust in a man like that. | betray sb's trust (=do something that shows someone should not have trusted you)
2 take sth on trust to believe that something is true without having any proof: I just had to take it on trust that he would deliver the money.
3 FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENT (U) an arrangement by which someone has legal control of your money or property, especially until you are old enough to use it: hold sth in trust: The money your father left you will be held in trust until you are .
4 ORGANIZATION (countable usually singular) an organization or group that has control over money that will be used to help someone else: a charitable trust
—see also: trust fund
5 a position of trust a job or position in which you have been given the responsibility of making important decisions
6 COMPANIES (C) especially AmE a group of companies that illegally work together to reduce competition and control prices: anti-trust laws
—see also: breach of trust breach 1 (2), unit trust 2 verb
1 HONEST PEOPLE (T) to believe that someone is honest and will not harm you, cheat you etc: I trusted Max, so I lent him the money. | trust sb to do sth: Can they be trusted to look after the house? | trust sb completely/implicitly: You must trust her implicitly and do everything she says. | not trust sb an inch BrE informal (=not trust someone at all)
—opposite distrust 2
2 DEPEND ON FACTS (T) to be sure that something is true or will happen: I wouldn't trust any information I get from them. | trust sth to do sth: You can't trust the trains to run on time.
3 trust sb's judgement to think that someone is likely to make the right decisions
4 trust you/him/them etc (to do sth)! spoken used to say that someone has behaved in a bad way that is typical of them: Trust you to be late!
5 I trust (that) spoken formal used to say politely that you hope something is true: I trust that your family is well.
6 trust sb with sth to believe that someone would be careful with something valuable or dangerous if you gave it to them: Would you trust that kid with a hammer?
—see also: trusting, tried and tested/trusted tried 2 trust in sth/sb phrasal verb (T) formal to believe in someone or something: We trust in God. trust to sth phrasal verb (T) trust to luck/chance/fate etc to hope that luck etc will help you, usually because there is nothing else you can do trustee /"trVs'ti:/ noun (C)
1 someone who has control of money or property that is in a trust 1 (3) for someone else
2 a member of a group that controls the money of a company, college, or other organization

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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